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Risk-free optimization consulting, guaranteed results - Schedule your call today!

Cloud Optimization Driven by Machine Learning: Optimizing Cloud at Runtime with Granulate

TLDR: Granulate is a groundbreaking real-time continuous Cloud Optimization platform that enhances application performance. Catering to workloads such as JVM-based tasks, Python, and Go, Granulate stands out by offering up to 45% cost savings on compute costs without necessitating code changes. Its unique agent-based solution, combined with a detailed learning mode, ensures optimal thread reordering and resource scheduling, making it ideal for businesses seeking efficient cloud optimization for their Kubernetes and Big Data workloads.

Intel-Granulate is a new-generation FinOps solution that focuses on improving the performance of applications. What sets them apart is that they can achieve up to 45% cost savings on compute costs without any code changes. All optimizations occur autonomously at the runtime level.

How Does It Work?

  • Agent-Based Solution: An agent is deployed into the environment depending on the architecture. This agent is installed on each VM or instance.

  • Workload Discovery: The agent identifies the application runtimes in the environment and installs a suitable runtime module for each application. Supported workloads include JVM-based tasks (Java, Scala, Kotlin) and languages like Python and Go.

  • Learning Mode: Once the runtime module is installed, it starts learning the resource scheduling mechanisms of the application. For JVM-based tasks, it might look at thread execution order. By profiling the application, it can determine which threads should be reordered to reduce wait time on the CPU.

  • Data Collection: The agent collects data in 20-second batches and sends it to Granulate's backend for resource-intensive learning processes.

  • Activation: After learning, the optimal configuration is loaded back to the agent. Upon activation, performance optimizations are realized.

Examples of Runtime Optimizations

  • Thread Scheduling: For JVM-based workloads, the default is first in, first out. However, by profiling, they can reorder threads to reduce wait time.

  • Crypto and Compression Optimization: The agent can finely tune compression parameters at the thread level, giving it more control and optimizing when compression occurs.

JVM Optimization

The Engagement Process:

  • They start by profiling the application with an open-source profiling tool to estimate the optimization potential. The ‘g-profiler’ agent ‘learns’ and identifies patterns in data flow, resource usage, and processing stages. It’s recommended to run “g-profiler’ on the production system, for more accurate profiling.

  • After installing the agent and going through the learning process, they will activate the optimizations. The “sAgent" is the agent used for profiling patterns and determining the type of optimization. s-agent is particularly effective for Python, Java, and Go, achieving 15 to 50% CPU optimization.

  • A benchmark is then done comparing one week before and after activation to validate the achieved optimization potential.

  • gcenter is the dashboard that allows users to activate or deactivate the agents on any workload and at any time.

For which use cases?

The 2 prominent use cases are K8s clusters Optimization, and Big Data Optimization.

Kubernetes Clusters Optimization

Granulate is compatible with EKS and Karpenter and can work alongside any auto-scaling solution.

Kubernetes Cloud Optimization

The optimization starts with workload rightsizing, followed by resource rightsizing. Then comes runtime optimization, followed by another round of resource rightsizing . It’s a continuous feedback loop.

Big Data: Spark workloads Optimization

Granulate can enhance Spark workloads, improving CPU usage and performance. They offer optimization for Databricks resource management, performing auto-scaling better than Databricks' native auto-scaling solution.

Big Data Optimization
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Is it secure?


Granulate redefines cloud optimization by autonomously enhancing performance at the runtime level, setting it apart in a market filled with standard optimization tools.

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