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Risk-free optimization consulting, guaranteed results - Schedule your call today!

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Risk-free optimization consulting, guaranteed results - Schedule your call today!

Save the date: June 6th, '23 Cloud Automation 2.0 : Next-Gen Auto-Scaling

Don't miss out on this enlightening seminar that unravels how this new era of cloud automation effortlessly tailors AWS configurations to boost your productivity, control, and guarantees an incredible 60% savings.

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Unleash the power of next-gen cloud automation with the latest upgrade, Cloud Automation 2.0, now more potent yet incredibly user-friendly. It enables cloud beginners to allocate tasks that automatically leverage the optimal cloud resources and dynamically adjusts to the right size throughout the job execution. This innovation results in unprecedented mobility, convenience, cost-effectiveness, availability, performance, and an assured savings of 60%.

Key Insights from Industry Leaders:

  • Unveiling the newest bioinformatic services provided by AWS.

  • Deciphering when and where cloud automation enhances AWS services.

  • Introduction to the WaveRider service: your key to effectively navigating AWS resources during job execution.

  • Spotlight on the SpotSurfer service, your solution to high-availability Spot instances.

  • The WaveWatcher service: a tool for monitoring your resource utilization.

  • Demystifying Float, the automation service that lets novices seamlessly deploy workloads.




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