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Risk-free optimization consulting, guaranteed results - Schedule your call today!

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Risk-free optimization consulting, guaranteed results - Schedule your call today!

Take Advantage of Cloud Credits!

Exploring cloud computing options? Whether you're a startup or an individual looking to dive into the cloud, free tiers and credits can be a game-changer. We've compiled a list of what top cloud providers offer.

Cloud credits

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Updated Cloud Providers Free Credits and Tiers:


- Free tier : 750 hours of compute with EC2 and 5Gb of storage with S3 during 1 year, 2 months of managed AI/ML with Sagemaker, and a lot more here

- Credits: $300 for startups with AWS Activate +100$ (limited time offer)


- Free Credits: $200 Free Credits valid on the entire range of Public Cloud services.

- Special Offer: Free trial for all first-time setup and use of a Public Cloud project, both for new and existing customers.

Oracle / OCI

- Always Free: Oracle offers an "Always Free" tier with no time limitations. This includes 2 Autonomous Databases, 2 Compute VMs, Block Volumes, Object and Archive Storage, and Load Balancer. Oracle Cloud Free Tier

- Credits: Oracle provides $300 in free credits for a 30-day trial period.

Alibaba Cloud

- Free Tier: Offers 12 months of free tier services and "Always Free" offers.

- Special Discounts: Up to 60% discount on ECS new purchases, renewals, and upgrades.


- Free Tier: 12 months of popular free services and 25+ services that are always free Azure Free Services

- Free Credits: $200 for the first 30 days

Google Cloud

- Credits: $300 for new customers + 100$ (limited time offer)

- Free Tier: 20+ always free products including Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, and BigQuery.


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